Winning! Ms Dynamite Honoured With Mobo ‘Paving The Way’ Award!


After a 10 successful years in the game, Ms. Dynamite‘s status as one of the UK’s biggest talent has finally been honoured! The It Takes More singer almost cried as she collected the MOBO Paving The Way Award yesterday. The prestigious award is given to those who have made a mark in their field and have also encouraged others to do the same. When collecting the award, Dynamite gave this inspiring speech:

“Thank you so so much, I’m super excited and I want to cry. The minute I got here I felt understood and they were people just like me. “That feeling that had started to develop in me that there was something wrong with me because I didn’t fit the system. “Here I learned that was part of my beauty, that was a quality and that was something I needed not to be afraid of.”

Watch Dynamite’s interview with ODE following the award:

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