Sam Maffia’s Interview With UDK


The UK’s most anticipated urban group right now, come in the form of Laughta, Vaigz and Roco otherwise known as UDK. Hot of the heels of their latest release Alright, the London crew sat down to catch up with Sam Maffia to discuss record deals, Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian and much more! No question went unanwered…

First of all guys, thank you for featuring on! How are you all feeling?

Laughta: Real good, pumped up!

Vaigz: Feeling good but feeling cold

Roco: Yes yes ready to do this!

For those that don’t know who UDK are yet, who are you and how did you all come together?

Roco: We’re a 3 piece group from London, I’m a singer, and we’ve got a rapper Vaigz, and our only female in the group Laughta who also raps. We’ve actually been together since 2014, because we’re all from round the same area, I’ve known Vaigz for years so we got together and then Laughta sort of naturally joined and UDK was formed! So we’ve been together a little while but have just spent the time rehearsing, practising, writing songs and doing shows.

You’re obviously all very talented as solo artists, Laughta and Vaigz both rappers and Roco the singer. Why did you decide to group together rather than stay solo?

Vaigz: We feel like together as a unit we’re really strong, like Roco said I’ve known him for years anyway, but when we sat down and started doing music together it really worked, and when Laughta came along it just seemed natural we all worked together as group really well- there was this natural chemistry when we were writing.

You’ve just released your latest track ‘Alright’. It’s big! I love that it’s autobiographical but still a song that could be played at a rave. What message was you trying to put forward when writing it?

Laughta: Aww thank you! That means a lot as it’s a real heartfelt song, I came up with the concept for the song recently, I just wanted to remind myself that despite the hardship or struggles that there will always be that light at the end of the tunnel- and to keep striving and working hard, the whole reason why I’m doing better is because of UDK, my team. When I showed the idea to the boys, they loved it and we got straight into studio the next day and finished off writing it together.

Can we speak on a debut album? When roughly will it be coming?

Roco: We’ve actually been discussing an album, its on the cards definitely

What can we expect in terms of sound and features?

Vaigz: Our sound is just UDK, we’re new, fresh and different, and we got loads of bangers ready to drop!

As far as I’m aware, you are currently independent in terms of a record label, would you ever consider signing to a major label and what would be your terms and conditions for them to sign you?

Laughta: We are completely independent at the minute, and we’re doing everything ourselves, and we want to build it up ourselves and we think it’s really important to do that and define our own sound and direction. We would definitely sign with a label if it was the right deal for us, but I think it’s still early stages for us now.

The UK is missing an urban group like you guys! What do you think you bring to the scene that we haven’t seen before?

Roco: There’s not a group out there like us, the sound we’re bringing is unique.

Laughta: We’re doing music that we feel, and putting in hard work and grinding in the studio and it connects..

Vaigz: – and we’ve got lots of things up our sleeve

Why do you think there are a lack of urban groups in the UK?

Vaigz: Because they haven’t found UDK yet!

You each have your own individual style! Firstly who inspires you most fashion wise and could we see a UDK clothing line anytime soon?

Vaigz: We all have our own style as we’ve got totally different personalities. Laughta is obviously the girly one, and she likes to experiment a bit try new things. Roco likes a little bit of swag in his look, and me I’m just get up and go- whatever is clean!

Laughta: We just wear what we like! We make whatever we wear ours. And definitely I’d love for us to do a clothing line later down the line.

Let’s talk N-Dubz. Even though you guys are so different, people will make the comparisons between you both. Firstly how do you feel about the comparison and secondly how would you say you’re different?

Laughta: We appreciate the comparison as they were really successful, and sold loads of records! But we think we’re totally different, our dynamics are different..

Roco: And I would say our sound is unique too

Laughta, you shouted out Iggy Azalea in the track ‘U Dun Know’ with the lyrics “Don’t compare me to no Iggy or the rest, we ain’t no cousins,” What made you bring that up in the track?
Laughta: Hahaha! It was a cheeky comment wasn’t it. I just wanted to say that I truly respect all other female rappers but I’m unique, I’m me.

You were recently track of the week on Westside Radio. First of all congratulations! Secondly how important do you feel radio is these days with streaming at an all time high?

Roco: Getting Track of the Week on Westside Radio was such a huge moment for us! It’s been so great to see all the support on radio we’ve had for Alright, which is only our 2nd single, we’re really grateful for all the love we’re getting and can’t wait to put out more music.  

Vaigz: Having that radio support is so important to us, still a huge part of the culture, and helps to get your music heard.

Where can we see UDK performing in the coming months?

Laughta: Our next show is at the end of the month at Bar Rumour in Bromley on November 25th. And we’re also planning a small UK tour for early next year- dates will be announced soon so keep an eye out for that on our socials @udk_official

Okay, let’s have some fun! For the rest of the interview, I’m gonna ask you 20 random questions, they don’t require much attention, just quick, sharp, honest answers. Hope your ready!

Describe each other in one word!

Laughta: Vaigz-Talented, Roco-Problem

Vaigz: Laughta-Sexy, Roco-Melodic

Roco: Laughta-String, Vaigz-Crazy

Amber Rose or Kim Kardashian?

Roco: Amber Rose

Vaigz: Nah bro, Kim K, she is the lesser of 2 evils!

‘Alright’ or ‘U Dun No’?

All: U Dun No is Alright still

Favourite female in the UK?

All: My mum

Thoughts on Donald Trump?

All: Anomaly

Describe the typical UDK supporter

All: Family

How old is too old to be on Instagram?

All: Never

Would you rather be filthy rich but have to be Justin Bieber’s assistant or dirt poor but get to be anyone’s assistant you choose?

All: Dirt poor

Vaigz: Actually, I’ve reconsidered and I’ll be JB assistant, it might not be that bad

Thoughts on gay marriage?

All: Each to their own, love has no gender

If you could choose 3 artists (not yourselves) to be judges on The X-Factor next year who would you each choose?

All: Skepta, Lethal Bizzle, Lady Lykez

Favorite So Solid track?

All: 21 seconds

Favourite Britney Spears track?

All: Baby one more time

What’s right with the UK Hip-Hop scene?

All: UDK

What’s wrong with the UK Hip-Hop scene?

All: Not reached its full potential

Nadia Rose or Stefflon Don?

Stefflon Don

First record you ever bought?

Laughta: So Solid album

Roco: Craig David

Vaigz: Tupac

You can only listen to one song for the rest of your lives, which song do you choose?

Laughta: Ms Dynamite- Boo!

Vaigz: Tasmin Archer- Sleeping Satellite

Roco: Bob Marley- Turn your Lights Down Low

Would you rather have a head the size of a tennis ball or the size of a watermelon?

Vaigz: That’s a deep question, I’d rather have a head the size of a watermelon, it’s the safer option, a tennis ball there’s no weight to your head!

Laughta / Roco: (Both laugh)

Any message to send to your supporters?

All: U Dun Know family.

The next track to be released will be…

All: #ROMW

UDK’s latest track Alright is avalaible now on iTunes and Spotify.

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