Sam Maffia’s Interview With Paige Young


London beauty Paige Young has officially arrived! The insanely, talented singer has already got some very good feats under her belt. She has a new single titled All The Way featuring Chip (which we love) and a long awaited EP titled Polaroids due to be released in the coming weeks! So what happened when Sam Maffia went to meet Ms Young?

Find out in our exclusive interview below:

Let’s get right into it, so you’ve blasted onto the scene with your brand new single All The Way. How do you think the response has been so far?

All the way baby! Yeah its been good, I mean obviously I’m a new artist, not everyone is gonna love what you’re doing, but I worked really kind of hard on my EP that’s out and Chip jumping on it is great for me because you he’s doing this thing and UK grime is big at the moment. It’s good, I’ve had some good feedback.

With social media being at an all time high, everybody has an opinion. How serious do you take people’s opinion on Twitter and You Tube?

Well You Tube people and Twitter people are just crazy, aren’t they? I love it, because at the end of the day being an artist, you are no where without your fans, so at the end of the day, you need to have them supporting you and joining you on your journey. That’s what I hope to do as I evolve as an artist, I want people to love what I’m doing and and help me to get to where I want to be, but yeah, people say crazy stuff. Being an artist in this business, you have to be thick skinned, otherwise don’t do it. It will ruin you. So it doesn’t effect me at all.

Back to your single All The Way. The track’s been supported by BBC’s 1Xtra, that’s pretty big!

Yeah! DJ Target, love him so big respect to him for playing it. That was really cool actually, I literally landed in Atlanta to do some more recording sessions and as I checked my twitter, I saw it had been played. It was great.


Cool, so how important do you think radio is these days? With streaming blowing up, do you think it’s still a big thing that people go to for new music?

I think radio will always be important because like for example my mum has no idea what Spotify is.


She does, but my mum’s not a technical person, you get her on a laptop, she just crumbles. But you know, radio’s always gonna be important, it’s alway’s gonna help artists to get out there globally, radio’s huge, but Spotify’s really cool, I mean you can listen to practically anything.

So you’re new E.P. Polaroids is coming soon! What can we expect from it in terms of concept and sound and are there any surprise features we can look out for?

Ok basically Polaroids, actually I’m gonna tell you why I called it Polaroids as well because as an artist I’ve been working really hard the past couple of years and I’ve been doing it for a very long time and I feel like I’ve gone through so many different experiences and really grown as an artist, so I decided to call my EP Polaroids because I love to take pictures. What I’ve done, is basically take Polaroids of my journey, like memories and stuff. I’ve met some amazing people, gone through loads of different experiences to get to where I am now, so its good to look back on them Polaroids and be like “Oh My God, I did that or that’s crazy, I remember that time or remember that person,” and kind of put it all into one, to show people what I’ve been doing and what I’ve kind of gone through to get to this point and thing’s like that, which people like to see, don’t they? I mean, I’m a behind the scenes girl, I’m on the internet looking at the behind the scenes [of] Beyonce’s tour. I wanna know what she’s been doing, what’s she eating. So yeah it’s good.

Can we expect any features?

Obviously where I’m a new artist, the only kind of collaboration I did was with Chip because I didn’t wanna do too much. Like, I wanted people to listen to my music, see me visually, I do dancing as well I’m putting out some dance visuals and things like that, stay tuned for that, cause they are hot. I just wanted people to just listen to my music, understand who I am. Sometimes when you listen to albums or EP’s, there’s so many different other artists that you don’t really know who the artist is. So that’s basically what I focused on and I’ve just put all my energy into that and I’ve got some really amazing songs that mean a lot to me, like personally and yeah its good.

So, I hear you’re hitting up the BET Awards tomorrow! Who are you most excited to see perform?

Well, it’s in America, it’s not here. I don’t actually know who’s performing yet, but I just love all stuff like that, I got a nice dress, a little outfit. It will be a really good experience, I’m going with my manager so it will be really good fun. I like to see any artist perform. I remember when Beyonce came here to perform and I wanted to go every night. It’s definitely a different thing from seeing them on the telly and that’s what’s so amazing. As an artist, you can help people to make them feel better about their day. As an artist, I look up to people and when I left the Beyonce tour, I said to myself “I need to work harder basically!”

Is that something you would want to do, to inspire people?

Oh my God, a hundred percent. That’s my main goal. I wanna be globally huge and I want people to love my music and love everything and come to my tours. I want to put on a show for people and just inspire other people.

The big question on everybody’s lips is who will win Best Female Rap at The BET Awards. Nicki Minaj win’s every year, but people are saying Iggy Azalea or Azealia Banks may snatch the title from her. Who’s your money on and why?

My money? I love Nicki, I’m a die hard Nicki fan, I am a barb. I am a barb all over, but I’m feeling Iggy. I have a feeling it could either be between her or Nicki. All of them are great though.

iggy azalea gif

I like Iggy but I think she get’s a hard time.

She does get a hard time, like I don’t get it, she’s great. Being a female and being a rapper is a big thing anyway, and Nicki Minaj is so good at what she does, that I think any new female rapper will always be compared, but Iggy Azalea brings something new that we don’t have, so I think everyone just needs to learn to embrace it and support it because its hard in this industry.

A lot of my readers are gay guys, what are your thought’s on gay marriage?

I totally support it. One hundred percent. Absolutely, I have loads of gay friends. I just don’t see the problem at all, I mean everyone in this world has opinions, but it just matters what you think, how you feel. I don’t see the problem with it at all. We live in 2015 for God’s sake, there’s just so much shit that goes on, that I just don’t think its an issue. I think everyone should learn to accept it, because that way people can be happy in themselves. It will make it a lot easier for gay people to come out and be themselves, because a lot of people find that hard. I mean, one of my best friend’s is gay. I remember when I was at music college and he was my best friend, we were literally joint at the hip, people thought we were boyfriend and girlfriend. He confided in me and was like “I’m gay, and I don’t know what to do,” and I was like “Just come out, if you want to do it, just tell people because that’s who you are, and I just don’t think you should have any worry about it, why do you care? What’s the worst that can happen?” He then told me that coming out was the best decision he ever made. But yeah I’m definitely one hundred percent supportive of it.

Ok so let’s move on to the Quick Fire round:

Which artist would most like to see comeback?

Christina Aguilera, I used to sing her songs in the shower. Also I love Britney Spears, I mean Britney is still doing her thing and a couple of people have said to me, that I’m the new Britney Spears and I was like “I’ll take that, she’s amazing”

Taylor Swift just released her Bad Blood video with cameo’s from Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Ellie Goulding and others, if you could choose five female artists to make an appearance in one of your video’s, who would you choose?

I would pick Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Jhene Aiko and Destiny’s Child. Actually to the previous question, I’d love to see Destiny’s Child comeback. I love the Survivor album.

Three things men are better at than women?

They are just stronger generally than women, like as in strength, body stronger. They could build houses possibly and do kind of like the manly things. But yeah it’s a really hard question, I dunno if I can pick three things.

Things women are better at than men?

General thinking. Showing their emotion.

A night out on the town with Lindsay Lohan or a one hour therapy session with Oprah Winfrey?

Love Lindsay Lohan, but absolutely Oprah. I would love to do that, I’d probably end up crying and doing God knows what. She’s amazing I love her, I love all her interview’s. I more into that kind of stuff, I mean I am a party girl, but the clubs will always be there.

Describe the typical Paige Young supporter.

I would hope to think they are all totally different. I mean I have a lot of gay fans and a lot of young girls actually and when I was first coming out, I thought it would be more older girls and guys because my sound is not young and pop, it’s quick like mature, but I mean in this day and age, girls are wearing heels at 14, it’s like what you doing? You should be in a nursery. But yeah, my fans are cool and fun, my sounds very raw and there’s no boundaries. I’ve tried to put every different song on the EP. I’ve got the acoustic stuff, that can listen to when you’re at home and I’ve got the song with Chip which is a faster version of the acoustic.  I’ve also got a song called Excuses actually which I feel like you’d really like, its a great song to play in the clubs or if you’re pre-drinking with your friends or if you’re at a party, it’s like a really good song.

Is Excuses the next single?

The next single? Yeah I think Excuses or a song called Dream Chaser on my EP, that is like the deepest song I’ve ever written. I was literally crying in the studio when I was recording it, because as an artist, what I do means so much to me that like I can’t imagine myself doing anything else and because I’ve gone through so much on a personal level even to get to where I am today and things, being happy with who I am as an artist, I decided to write a song about it. Me and Kalenna in Atlanta, we just got really personal and I was saying “You know, this was a really hard time for me,” She got it all out of me, and we was just talking and we came up with this song called Dream Chaser and it’s basically about going after what you want. It’s my favourite song. All my songs are my favourite songs, but you know when something means so much to you and every time you hear it, you get that feeling.

Could you write Rihanna a hit song?

I hope to think so, I mean, I feel like we like the same things, but you never know what artists want, I mean Rihanna’s always evolving. She’s great, because every album she’s ever come out with, she’s mixed it up. She’s a brand at the end of the day, she’s Rihanna so she has to mix it up. But yeah why not? We should so get in the studio together, have a little joint, chill out. She seems good fun.

rihanna smoking gif

How old is too old to be on Instagram?

Oh God. Okay, so my mum has Instagram and my mum is 50. She literally Instagram’s and you don’t even want to understand the hashtags, their insane. She’s really good at it which I’m really surprised at because she’s not very technical. Also my dad has Instagram, but he has it to spy on me which is fair enough but awkward. It’s really sweet though. But yeah back to your question, screw it, if you want instagram do it, you can follow some really cool things.

Finally, what’s the biggest misconception about Paige Young?

The biggest misconception is that I’m transgender. (Laughs) Yeah, my video got posted on World Star Hip-Hop, but that’s quite a funny one though, because its clearly obvious I’m not. But you know what people are like, I think it was because my video got posted the day after the whole Caitlin Jenner thing and everyone was on a transgender hype, obviously support it why not, but I remember I read a comment saying “is she transgender?” and someone else commented “no, you donut!”. But yeah that’s probably the biggest misconception. I haven’t had anything too terrible.

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