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New talent alert! Erika, LJ and Crystal go by the name of Amor Kismet. Haven’t heard of them yet? Don’t worry, you will. These three sisters hailing from Atlanta, USA exploded on to the music scene when they entered and won #FlashUnsigned, a Twitter competition hosted by the legendary Bill Werde (Billboard Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine) to spotlight unsigned acts. He commented, “Three gorgeous sisters sing like angels with ton of personality. Unsigned? Not for long…Thank me from the stage when you win your first Grammy.” To add to their success, the ladies were asked by BET to perform at last year’s BET Experience as well as naming them as one of the most promising new acts.

In this exclusive interview, the sisters open up to Sam Maffia about everything from being compared to Destiny’s Child, their new EP ‘The Love’, their fans and a whole lot more. No question went unanswered…

Hello Ladies! Thank you so much for featuring on! First of all, for the readers who don’t yet know Amor Kismet are, what do you ladies do and why should people pay attention?

Erika: We’re singers, songwriters, musicians. We do it all! That’s why people should pay attention.

LJ: Thank you! It’s our pleasure. We sing, write music, and are just fun people!

Crystal: We sing and play instruments, so we’re different from your typical girl group.

You recently dropped The Love E.P, in my opinion it sounds very eclectic, packed full of different sounds and styles. Was that a conscious decision when recording it and how do you fuse three different personalities on to one record?

Erika: Yes. Our influences influenced us to fuse both our different sounds and personalities to create something all our own.

LJ: We all have different personalities and that’s what makes our music different. Erika, Crystal, and I all like different styles of music. Putting all of it together creates the eclectic sound you hear on the EP.

Crystal: Yes! We are very diverse and wanted our EP to have a very worldly sound.

Favourite track on The Love E.P.?

Erika: I really can’t pick! It changes every day.

LJ: I love them all! It’s so hard for me to pick!

Crystal: Leaning most toward “Mixed Emotions” at the moment.

So you were named as one of the most promising new acts in music by BET, as well as performing at the BET Experience last year, that’s quite a feat! How was that and has it helped progress your career to new levels?

Erika: It was very cool being recognized by such a big network. It brought our career to next level. We were able to show our potential and it gave us even more of a drive to perfect our talents.

LJ: It was a great experience. It was our first time LA and our first show affiliated with a “big name.” It definitely helped us network.

Crystal: It was very exciting! We gained new fans, which is always a plus.

amor kismet interview

As shallow as it is, when people see a girl group with three members, they automatically get compared to Destiny’s Child. In Amor Kismet, who is The Beyonce, The Michelle and The Kelly Rowland of the group?

Erika: I think Beyoncé is Beyoncé, Kelly is Kelly, and Michelle is Michelle. Our dynamic is very different. They were definitely great in their own respect, though.

LJ: Honestly… none of us are like them. We’re all different.

Crystal: We’re all ourselves haha! They were a great group, though.

As far as I know, you’re music is totally independent, what would it take for you ladies to sign to a major record label and what would the terms and conditions be?

Erika: We’ll let legal deal with that.

LJ: We’d definitely consult our manager, Matt, and our lawyer, Marty, for advice before agreeing to any terms or conditions!

Crystal: You can ask our management that one haha!

Describe each other in one word?

Erika: Crystal is looney and LJ is bossy.

LJ: Erika is smart/witty and Crystal is smart/funny. Can’t just choose one word!

Crystal: Erika is outspoken. LJ is honest.

Favourite Iggy Azalea song?

Erika: Definitely “Fancy.”

LJ: “Fancy.”

Crystal: “Fancy.”


Would you rather have unlimited money, power, and respect or unlimited sex?

Erika: It’s all about the shmoney!

LJ: Respect!

Crystal: Respect.

If Amor Kismet appeared on X-Factor individually, what would their solo audition songs be?

Erika: All three of us would do a disappearing act.

LJ: I wouldn’t want to audition alone!

Crystal: I wouldn’t appear on that show haha. 

Would you rather use sandpaper for toilet paper OR vinegar for eye drops?

Erika: Wow. Hmmm… well can’t see shit either way haha!

LJ: Haha neither!

Crystal: Neither! Y’all trying to kill me?! 

Would you rather be the worst player on the best team or the best player on a great team?

Erika: The best on both.

LJ: Best player on a great team!

Crystal: Best player on a great team.

Ultimate Vegan Dish?

Erika: Chicken Alfredo, broccoli, artichokes, carrots… yum!

LJ: Veggies and cornbread… Sorry I’m from the south!

Crystal: Curry tofu, broccoli, carrots, and a salad.

Sam Maffia is all about Urban Pop Females, name your favourite urban pop female.

Erika: Aaliyah.

LJ: Aaliyah.

Crystal: Rihanna.

How would you describe a typical Amor Kismet fan?

Erika: You loyal, you smart (in my DJ Khaled voice).

LJ: Open-minded.

Crystal: Loyal.

You can only listen to one song for the rest of your lives, which song do you choose?

Erika: Woah. I could never answer that!

LJ: A song called “Hard-Times” by A Steel Pan Orchestra.

Crystal: Can’t choose! There are too many.

Why do we dream?

Erika: To cope with what we can’t with our eyes open.

LJ: We dream to solve situations in our lives.

Crystal: To solve dilemmas in our minds.

Most embarrassing moment whilst performing on stage?

Erika: We were performing the National Anthem one time and started on the wrong, which threw everything off. I couldn’t deal.

LJ: I forgot my notes on my guitar once!

Crystal: My throat went out! I needed some water that day.

Favourite UK female artist (apart from Adele)?

Erika: Cheryl Cole.

LJ: Sade.

Crystal: Natasha Bedingfield.


Artist that is still alive, you wish would come back to release a new album?

Erika: Shania Twain for sure.

LJ: Sade (again).

Crystal: Missy Elliott.

If Rihanna was to cover a track from The Love E.P. which one would you suggest she do?

Erika: Hmm… Crazy! It has a nice island feel.

LJ: Radar.

Crystal: Radar.

Nicest celebrity you’ve met?

Erika: Shaq.

LJ: I haven’t met enough celebs to choose!

Crystal: Shaq.

Rudest celebrity you’ve met?

Erika: Mychal Kendrics, because he hasn’t taken me on a date yet haha!

LJ: Same as above!

Crystal: No comment!

Will you come to the UK? If so, where will Amor Kismet take Sam Maffia for the day?

Erika: Yes! We’ll take you and go shopping!

LJ: Yes we would love to! Sam, you’re from the UK… you gotta show us around!

Crystal: Of course! You can pick a place to take us!

For more info on Amor Kismet, you can follow the ladies on Twitter: @amorkismet or visit their official website

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    Love love love this …..I hope they’re paying for you when you show them around the UK lol xx 🙂

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