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Female’s officially run Hip-Hop! Gone are they day’s when it was frowned upon to see more than one female rapper running shit. With Nicki Minaj becoming a Hip-Hop superstar and Iggy Azalea notching up multiple worldwide platinum hits, it was only a matter of time before we welcomed another female to fly the flag for rap. Wondering who I’m talking about? Her name is Stori. Hailing from New Jersey, USA and signed to Motown Records, last year she dropped the fiery mixtape #Badassdame and working with Tyra Banks and Shaggy are just a few thing’s she can add to her long list of accomplishments. In her first ever U.K. interview, the rapper open’s up to Sam Maffia about everything from being fascinated with setting things on fire, to fellow femcees Iggy Azalea and a whole lot more. Dig in…

Hi Stori! Thankyou for featuring on! This is your first UK interview and I’m honoured! For the UK readers who don’t yet know who Stori is, what does she do and why should they pay attention? 

What up Sam Maffia! My name is STORi & I am a humble artist. A singer, mc, writer, painter, doodler, I act a fool, and don’t take bullshit. Pay attention, there’s some good old fashioned raw, authentic shit on the table. I mentioned i was humble right? K.

Okay, so I love your latest track Focused. The video is equally amazing and is based around you being the baddest bitch in boxing ring (that’s my interpretation anyway). Who’s idea was it to have the video in that setting and how hands on are you with the video treatments?

Thank you! *smiles*. Well I had started to add boxing into my workouts and what started out as an idea to shoot a lil promo flick turned into, “Well lets make this the video for Focused, it’s perfect for the song, credit for that one definitely goes to my girl Sara. A team effort for sure, that being said, I am very hands on with that creative process.

After watching you in the video for Focused, I got a little shook if I’m honest. I definitely wouldn’t be up for a one on one fight with you. So I know you’re feisty, have you ever set fire to anything you shouldn’t have?

Woah! A great question. When I was younger I had a weird thing with fire, me and one of my girls set fire to a years worth of schoolwork one year after school finished in my backyard and didn’t know what to do with all the yuck shit leftover, so we just threw it over my neighbor’s fence. I also used to stick my fingers in the hot wax of candles and fuck around with matches and an air freshener can. (Sorry ma, never in the house tho..) #truSTORi Fire still fascinates me, but I’ve learned a few lessons since then.

Is it easier to write aggressive records than happy records?

Not really. Writing good, solid, memorable records is the goal, so that’s what I try to do. Whether its aggressive or mellow or happy sounding is kind of up to the mood I’m in given the particular moment.

I saw the interview you did with, you said you’re working on an album, what can we expect in terms of sound and do you have any titles in mind?

Nice! Well I am working on an album. The sound is definitely gonna fuck people’s heads up a little because it’s way more than what you’ve been seeing and hearing on the internet. I’m pushing my boundaries as an artist as well as a person. Exciting shit. But I’m not giving away any prospective titles though. C’mon son, you tried that.

Stori Tyra Banks
Stori with Tyra Banks

So you’ve done a track with Mr Lover Lover aka Shaggy titled Worl Starr and you’ve also worked with Tyra Banks on her Tyra Beauty project, how was it working with such legends?

I’m still tripping off both actually. They’re two amazing icons, with a crazy work ethic, that I’m a big fan of. Shaggy was the coolest. Such a talented, funny dude I was psyched when they asked if I would get on Worl Starr as soon as I heard the demo. And wow I’ve been a fan of Tyra (Banks) since Higher Learning lolz.. When the opportunity came to audition for this project I was blown away that she wanted me for the job. She’s an amazing business woman and a total inspiration! Not to mention such a sweet person and funny as hell! Each have been amazing experiences.

You’ve worked with a lot of the guys in the industry, but will we see you working with some of the femcees, if so who could we see you collaborate with?

Not a lot has been talked about yet, but if we talking who i have on my wish list… Missy Elliott and Lauryn Hill. And my man just put me on to this chick Leikeli47. She’s pretty ill and I think that could be a fire collab. We need more women in the hip hop game coming together. Remember the 90’s?

Iggy Azalea get’s a LOT of criticism from established artists and listeners alike, some complain about her accent being fake and she shouldn’t rap because she’s white etc. Some also praise her, saying she’s broken the mould for typical rappers (being white and from Australia), but why do you think she receives so much critique? Side note: I love Iggy by the way!

No shade, but I’m pretty sure she gets all that critique (good and bad) because of everything you just said. AND I’m sure there’s somebody reading this interview somewhere saying that same “white girls/folk can’t rap” fuck shit. It doesn’t make a difference to me. I just do what I love, and I can definitely respect those who do the same with passion. She rackin’ up awards and shit, I don’t think she’s trippin.


For the rest of the interview, I’m gonna ask you 20 random questions, they don’t require much attention, just quick, sharp, honest answers. Hope your ready!

If you could add one word to the dictionary which word would you choose?

Stackilization (What up TYRA!)

Will fans ever get an extended version of BloodClot?

No, its only a slice of pie, friends.

Best artist you’ve seen perform live?


One female singer you’d like to duet with?

Lauryn Hill

Do you have any party tricks?

I know how to make alcohol disappear.

Have you ever seen a ghost?

Felt the presence, never seen it.

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

An Alexander McQueen leather vest. (worth it)

What was the last thing you read about yourself online?

That i was one cool, down to earth individual.. score.

Favourite Britney Spears song?

I’m A Slave 4U

What’s right with Hip-Hop?

Hmm… Remember the 90s?

What’s wrong with Hip-Hop?

It seems like a lot of people are trying to chase a formula or fit into the trend of the moment. That’s not Hip-Hop.

What guilty pleasure’s do you have in your music collection?

See number 9.

How old is too old to be on Instagram?

Haha! I don’t know man, it depends on what kind of things your posting I guess, #comedy

Favourite curse word?


Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton?


A night out on the town with Lindsay Lohan or a one hour therapy session with Oprah?

Are these not both the same? #Therapy

Thought’s on gay marriage?

Marry who you love. That’s all….

Biggest turn off on a man; Big belly or big feet?

LMAO are those the only options? I was gonna say stank breath and a bad attitude.. But I ain’t down with hobbit feet… GUYS TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEET. K thanks bye.

Nicki Minaj in one word:


Will you come to the UK? If so where will Stori take Sam Maffia for the day?

Fah SHO! But… I haven’t been yet, so where is Sam Maffia taking MEEEHH for the day??

And that’s the end of the interview! Thankyou so much for talking with Is there anything else you want to say to your supporters?

Thanks for the love 🙂 Stay #FOCUSED and follow the kid.

Instagram: @theneverendingstori Twitter: @thenvrendnstori

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