Sam Maffia Interview’s DJ Georgie K

Sam Maffia Interview DJ Georgie K unity radio

Georgie K is a Manchester based DJ who is an ambassador in the Hip-Hop, Grime & R&B scene. She is one of the most sought after DJ’s in the club scene where she is from, and also has the prime show on Unity Radio.  On her show, she plays a weekly mix of fresh, up-front joints straight out of the UK and U.S, affirming herself as a tastemaker. Speaking exclusively with Sam Maffia, Georgie K opened up about her plans to take over the scene, her ideal partner and other female DJ’s! Enjoy!

Hi Georgie K, thank you for featuring on for those that don’t know who you are, why should they pay attention?

What’s good, thank you for having me! I am Georgie K, I’m a female club & radio DJ based in Manchester. I think you should pay attention because we need some more female representation in the music industry (DJ wise) and that is exactly what I am trying to do! Especially in the urban scene, most female DJs are playing house music and I want to represent that urban Hip Hop & grime side!

Describe your DJ style…

My style is definitely Urban R&B HipHop vibes. Sounds coming from both the UK & the USA! I love it all and want to hear that worldwide talent.

How did you end up working with Unity Radio?

I was contacted by one of the Directors of the station to come in and feature as a guest DJ. From there I began to visit a few of the other presenters shows and do more guest mixes. After that it just seemed natural to both myself and the station to take it further and start my own show.

Name one Radio Station you would like to take over and how you would change it?

I would love to take over Radio 1Xtra, they have the most amazing artists in there as guests and DJ’s like Charlie Sloth (who wouldn’t want to present and DJ alongside Charlie)!!! All I would change is making me the presenter of my own show! haha

What gigs are you most looking forward to this summer?

Definitely most excited about Malta Connect. I am DJ’ing out there for 4 days on boats and beaches (with the sun of course!) I cannot wait! It is also my very first international gig (check it out at!

Which celebrity function that you’ve DJ’d at has been the most memorable and why?

Has to be the Omarion after party. It was surreal seeing one of my favourite artists performing on the same stage as myself! Also his fans were so hyped and the atmosphere was mad!!!

Who is your ideal partner?

I can’t say I have an “ideal” partner. My type changes a lot, it depends on personality to be honest (got to be a bit crazy like me) but I would not turn down a date with Future!

Looking at your Twitter, you recently posted: “Tables turn, bridges burn, you live and learn…” What or who was that post about?

Honestly, it was just a quote from Drake (Track: Pound Cake). I like to write things people can relate to, although most people do presume it is about something going on in my personal life (it isn’t)! Social media is stressful and gets out of hand quickly!

Are you left or right handed?

Right handed – I was always absolutely useless with my left hand until I started DJing I trained myself into using it more haha!  

Whilst DJing is perceived as a predominantly male dominated industry, there are loads of females, but men seem to be the faces of DJing. Firstly why do you think that is and secondly what can you personally do to change that?

I think males dominated everything in the start, old fashioned politics. As soon as women had free reign to do what they wanted they soon began to take over in many industries. I feel like female DJ’s are becoming much more popular and we need to start pushing ourselves to show the guys we can do it just as good as they can! I am going to continue to DJ and expand my skill set. I am also planning on linking up with other female DJ’s and starting something pretty exciting (stay locked to my twitter to hear more soon)!

Sam Maffia Online is all about the female’s, name five female DJ’s you rate!

B traits

Annie Mac (unbeatable talent)

Melody Kane (love her!)

Sam Divine

Jess Monroe (a friend of mine – loving her style)

Name one remix you prefer to the original…

I think the Kid Ink – Show me and Kranium – Nobody has to know is an unbelievable mash up, and smashes it in the clubs still to this day!

Facebook was designed to…

Ruin relationships

What side of the bed do you sleep on?

The left I think, I always end up in the middle or upside down haha!

With streaming at an all time high, how do you think radio will be able to survive in the coming years?

Radio has been the starting point for most DJ’s and I think that no matter what (in my opinion) nothing beats getting into your car and putting on the local radio and listening to your local DJ’s and music!

Finally 2016 is the year that Georgie K will…

Takeover!!! (well I hope so, If not that I would love to become a tour DJ for one of my favourite artists (dream)!)

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