Bratavio are NOT happy with Alesha Dixon!


Uh-oh! X-Factor’s Bradley and Ottavio aka Bratavio are NOT happy with Knockdown superstar Alesha Dixon! According to Bratavio fans, Ms Dixon made an appearance on Loose Women earlier today, in which she nicknamed the duo “Dumb & Dumber…”

When hearing about the comment made by Dixon, Bratavio tweeted the star their not so happy response: “You called us dumb and dumber! So you can slate other people’s children happily…”

Following the tweet, came backlash from Alesha’s fans in which they assured the duo “it was a joke, lighten up!”

Dixon is yet to respond to the Bratavio boys. Watch below the moment Bratavio met Alesha Dixon at the X-Factor Judges’ Houses:

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    Andrea hunt

    If Alesha fans take bratavio comment in the context of the subject discussed wen the comment was made u will all see once again they are not dumb at all and they once again show there beautiful charactor

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